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By Dan Morris

July is the best month for tackling essential home and garden chores that keep your outdoor spaces vibrant and functional. With warm, dry weather and long days, it’s the perfect time to address a variety of maintenance tasks that enhance your home’s beauty, safety and functionality.

From refreshing your grill for summer barbecues to ensuring your garden tools are in prime condition, these tasks will help you maximize your outdoor areas. Here are ten home and garden maintenance projects that will allow you to enjoy a more beautiful, enjoyable and efficient home and garden all summer long.

Cleaning and inspecting outdoor grills

July is the ultimate month to give your outdoor grill some love. With summer barbecues in full swing, a clean and well-maintained grill ensures every meal is a sizzling success. Scrub off grease and food residue, check burners and gas lines for perfect operation and ensure you have a full gas tank. A clean, well-running grill guarantees your cookouts are safe and stress-free.

Maintaining garden tools and equipment

Summer gardening is a breeze when your tools are in tip-top shape. July is the perfect time to clean, sharpen and oil your garden essentials. Remove dirt and rust on shovels, hoes and pruners, and sharpen those blades for effortless cutting. Check power equipment like lawnmowers and trimmers to keep them running smoothly. Well-maintained tools mean the work gets done faster and with less hassle, freeing up more time to relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

Removing dead or damaged trees

Keep your home and garden safe this July by removing dead or damaged trees. It’s a much easier task when the ground is dry and solid, so tackle them now for an easier and cleaner garden. Inspect trees for signs of trouble and call a certified arborist to safely handle removal. Eliminating problem trees now prevents future headaches and keeps your yard looking its best, ready for summer enjoyment.

Chipping branches for mulch

Turn garden debris into garden gold this July by chipping branches for mulch. After pruning or storm clean-up, gather those branches and feed them into a wood chipper. Spread the nutrient-rich mulch around flower beds, shrubs and trees to lock in moisture, fend off weeds, and boost soil health. It’s an eco-friendly way to recycle and enhance your garden’s beauty and vitality, keeping everything lush and thriving through the summer heat.

Removing stumps

July’s warm weather is perfect for tackling those pesky stumps cluttering your yard. There are several methods to remove stumps, depending on the size of the stump and your budget. Consider using a stump grinder to grind the stump down below ground level for quick and efficient removal. Alternatively, you can dig out the stump manually using shovels and axes, or employ chemical stump removers to accelerate the decaying process. Whichever method you choose, removing stumps opens up space for new plantings and makes your garden more attractive.

Setting up bird baths and feeders

Transform your garden into a bird haven this July with the addition of bird baths and feeders. Summer is prime bird-watching season, and providing water and food invites these feathered friends to visit. Place bird baths in shady spots to keep the water cool and stock the feeders with seeds that local birds love. You’ll enjoy a lively, colorful garden filled with chirping companions, adding natural beauty and joy to your outdoor space.

Deadheading annuals and perennials

Keep your garden bursting with color by deadheading annuals and perennials in July. Snip off spent flowers to encourage continuous blooming, directing plants’ energy into new growth. Use sharp pruners and cut back to a healthy leaf or bud. Regular deadheading keeps your garden looking fresh and vibrant, ensuring a stunning display of flowers all summer long. It’s a simple task that makes a huge difference in your garden’s appeal.

Inspecting and cleaning wood stoves and fireplaces

Get ahead of winter by inspecting and cleaning chimneys and flues in July. Even though your stove isn’t in use, summer is the perfect time for maintenance. Check for creosote buildup, cracks or blockages. Hire a professional chimney sweep for a thorough clean. Addressing issues now ensures your stove is safe and efficient when the cold weather hits. Summer is also the best time to clean fireplace brick and tile. This can be a smelly task, so it’s good to air out the house at the same time.

Power washing decks and patios

Make your outdoor spaces shine by power washing decks and patios in July. The warm weather is perfect for blasting away dirt, mold and grime. Use a pressure washer to clean every nook and cranny, restoring surfaces to their former glory. A sparkling deck or patio not only looks fantastic but may also help prevent slips. Get ready to host summer gatherings on a fresh, clean backdrop.

Painting or staining outdoor furniture

This July, give your outdoor furniture a fresh look with a coat of paint or stain. The sunny, dry weather is ideal for quick drying and curing. Sand down surfaces, then apply a weather-resistant finish to protect against sun and rain. This simple update can transform your furniture, adding a vibrant, refreshed feel to your outdoor space.

Tick off the boxes, then relax

By dedicating some time this July to these ten essential home and garden tasks, you’ll set the stage for a season of outdoor enjoyment and relaxation. With a clean grill ready for cookouts, well-maintained tools for effortless gardening, and a yard free of hazards like dead trees and stumps, your home will be safer and more inviting.

Adding bird baths and feeders will bring natural beauty and joy, while freshly painted furniture and a spotless deck or patio will enhance your outdoor living experience. Embrace the summer and make your home and garden the best they can be.

Daniel Morris founded Fire and Saw, a site about chainsaws, wood stoves, tree care and related topics. He operates the site where he shares his passion for these subjects.

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